OutdoorDockBox.com is a Face to Face Store


Face to Face Stores LLC is based out of Indiana.  We provide customer service and priciing that cannot be beat.

Our internet customers are offered the same personal service and customer care that our local customers recieve.

Best prices. Highest Level of customer care anywhere.  Guaranteed.

Our personal sales staff is low pressure.  We are here to help you find the products you need. 

Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest available, and we guarantee that for up to 45 days after the sale!  You are always safe when you shop with a Face to Face store!

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We think that you are just like us. You want the best price and you want to buy from real people.

Face to Face Stores offers the best prices, free shipping and professional customer care from real people.

When you buy from us you can rest easy.

Katheryn Pletcher 
President, Face to Face Stores LLC